A personal computer and its components represent an investment - regardless of how you use it: as a word processor, to monitor your investments/home inventory, or simply to play those computer games. It should be safeguarded from damage at the time of a move.

  • A professional mover is best qualified to know how to best pack your home computer equipment. If you are moving yourself, however, it should be packed in its original carton and packaging material when possible. If they've been discarded, choose a sturdy box large enough to surround the computer with plenty of packing materials (plastic bubble pack is best).

  • Those CDs, DVDs, and External/Flash Drives which hold your data should be kept in your possession. These items are sensitive to hot and cold and could warp if closed up in a moving van. As a precaution, don't forget to back-up all your stored materials with a duplicate copy and send them separately via insured mail or other secured means.

  • Disk drives should be handled with care. Consisting of several mechanized parts, it is sensitive to jarring. Again, use a large box that can be filled with packing material on all four sides for your computer.

  • The remainder of your computer consists of solid state circuitry-like the keyboard and display screen, very similar to that of a TV set. Pack well utilizing lots of packing materials.

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